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Checklist: How to take minutes at meetings

By taking minutes at meetings, your Neighbourhood Watch group, community association or committee can keep an accurate record of what you’ve discussed, decisions you’ve made, along with motions and next steps. Here’s how (adapted from ehow.com):

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the meeting agenda, minutes from the last meeting, and any background documents to be discussed.
  2. Sit beside the person chairing the meeting. This way, you can ask for clarification, if need be, or help as the meeting proceeds.
  3. Write "Minutes of the meeting of (exact association name)."
  4. Record the date, time and place of your meeting.
  5. Take attendance or circulate a sheet for attendees to sign. Include their names in your minutes.
  6. Write down items in the order in which they are discussed.
  7. Record the motions made and the names of people who originate them.
  8. Record whether motions are adopted or rejected, how the vote is taken and whether the vote is unanimous.
  9. Focus on recording actions taken by the group.
  10. Avoid writing down the details of each discussion.
  11. Be objective. Do not make personal observations or use adjectives or adverbs. Remember, this is a business document.