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Do a community clean-up

What is a community clean-up?

A community clean-up is an event in which friends and neighbours work together to clean up a park, street, ravine, shoreline, pathway, bus stop or other public space.

The City of Ottawa has two scheduled “Cleaning the Capital” days. One takes place in the spring and the other in the fall. You can register for these activities by calling 3-1-1. Find out more about organizing your own clean-up on the city’s website.

The City provides volunteers with Cleanup Starter Kits, which include gloves, garbage bags, leaf-and-yard waste bags, project tips and important safety information.

You can also start a community clean-up on your own at other times during the year. The City of Ottawa offers support throughout the year, and you can request Cleanup Starter Kits and receive information about garbage pick-up and other issues by contacting the city at cleaning@ottawa.ca.

Why should you initiate a community clean-up?

Organizing a community clean-up is a great way to:

  • make your community a cleaner place
  • connect with friends and neighbours
  • give back to your community
  • allow high school students to earn some of their community service hours

They also allow you and your neighbours to feel an “instant win” as you see the big difference your efforts can make in a short period of time.

Why clean up your neighbourhood? A tidy neighbourhood can do so much:

  • help resident feel safe and secure
  • develop a sense of pride in your neighbourhood
  • set a good example for people of all ages
  • encourages healthy living and an active lifestyle

How can you get involved?

All you have to do is pick the area you want to clean up, gather some friends, neighbours or family members, and get to work!

Remember to practice safety when doing a community clean-up. Wear gloves (good thick ones that are not easily punctured) and boots. Always supervise children. You can get more safety tips on the city’s website.  


The City of Ottawa website offers more information on participating in community clean-ups and other environmental activities.