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Get help

If you have a problem in your neighbourhood, there are many people you can call for help. It is always important to recognize your own role in solving a problem. Think about what you can do to help before you pick up the phone. Ask yourself a few key questions first:

  • What is the problem in my neighbourhood?
  • Can I think of any ways to help solve it?
  • Are there other people in my neighbourhood that might want to work with me to solve the problem?
  • If we need help solving this problem, who should we call?

If you can answer these questions, you might find that a problem can be worked out within the neighbourhood before calling By-Law, the police or someone else for help.

If you decide you need help with your problem, make the call, but make the right call. Understand that who you call is not necessarily there to solve your problem, but to work with you as a partner to help you solve it.

Who can help

If you need help with a problem, issue or initiative in your community, the following resources are available: