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Public transportation

If you, your partner/spouse or your children take public transportation, it is important to be equipped with the knowledge you need to make every ride a safe one. OC Transpo offers some valuable travel tips and safety advice for passengers.

If you need to report transit safety issues, call 613-741-2478. Program this number into your mobile phone so you have it handy when you’re traveling.

OC Transpo Security - Transecure

OC Transpo employees are trained to deal with security issues. Their objective? To keep passengers safe. They can help out on the spot using their vehicles as a safe haven for anyone in distress, or contact the OC Transpo Control Centre via two-way radios for assistance. The Control Centre works in cooperation with emergency services such as fire, ambulance and police.

OC Transpo advises that if you're in trouble or need help, ask any OC Transpo employee – you don't have to be a bus rider.

For more information, visit the OC Transpo website.

Night travel 

If you use certain Transitway Stations after 9 pm, instead of waiting at your regular stop, wait at the designated Night Stop which is centrally located and close to OC Transpo’s yellow emergency phones and pay phones.

The Night Stop is a well lit bus stop, marked in yellow with the Transecure logo.

Also, if you’re travelling by bus after midnight, and need a taxi to complete your trip home, you can have a taxi meet you at a designated taxi pick up location at most Transitway Stations. Just call a taxi company on your cell phone or a pay phone and provide the name of the station and your approximate arrival time.

For more information on safe night travel by public transit, visit the OC Transpo website.

OC Transpo Special Constables

OC Transpo Special Constables are sworn Peace Officers who have the powers of a Police Officer to enforce the the law and protect customers and employees on all transit vehicles and property. Their mandate is to:

  • Protect transit customers, employees and property.
  • Preserve the peace.
  • Prevent crime and offences.
  • Promote public safety and awareness.
  • Help persons in need of assistance.

Special Constables form part of the Transit Law Enforcement team that also includes Transit Fare Enforcement Officers who check fares, and Communications Officers who monitor surveillance cameras, answer emergency calls and dispatch assistance. For more information, visit the OC Transpo website.